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Airnat also rendering Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for our clients. Voice over IP (VoIP) promises enterprises the ability to dramatically increase scalability and availability while substantially reducing costs. Many companies recognize these advantages and migrate to a converged voice and data network. The successful integration of VoIP into an enterprise infrastructure requires careful planning, with security as part of the design. The resulting converged network can be tailored to the specific requirements and capabilities of the enterprise, allowing the best use of corporate resources and optimizing the ROI.


Why Should Client Consider VOIP over VPN service?


VoIP traffic has different characteristics than typical data traffic. Retransmissions and delay can cause serious degradation to a VoIP call. VoIP traffic must arrive from source to destination in order, to avoid pops, clicks, and portions of the conversation arriving out of order. Because of this limitation, it seems intuitive that a VoIP conversation traversing an IPSEC VPN would operate basically the same as a clear-channel VoIP call. Since IPSEC and VoIP are both using datagram (UDP), packets will be delivered in roughly the same way.


VPN technology can provide an effective way to secure VoIP over remote access methods without breaking the bank. IPSEC and VPN solutions are both viable transport mediums for VoIP. IPSEC VPN traffic delivery will typically be more deterministic but has heavier client requirements, and may have trouble traversing some networks. SSL VPNs may provide a better VoIP experience, and may be easier to use on some networks than IPSEC VPNs, but keep in mind that this will be highly dependent on your environment.


VoIP is becoming an increasingly reliable and popular alternative for consumers and small businesses. It can provide significant cost savings over a conventional phone system, with lower monthly fees an unlimited long distance call.


Advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol:


Some VoIP service Provider offer features and services that are not available with a traditional phone, or are available but only for an additional fee. We also are able to avoid paying for both a broadband connection and a traditional telephone line.


1. Economical: International Calls at local calling rates

2. Convenient: Choose from the following options:

  • Use a computer to make free VOIP calls
  • Use a regular phone connected to a VoIP device
  • Use an IP Phone
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