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Creating Multi-Marketing Strategies

  • Company Profiling

At Weblabz company profiling services cover designing, writing and printing of E-Brochures, E-Catalog2wesczues, Digital Brochures, Digital Branding, Digital Profiling or Digital Catalogues in Delhi NCR. Purposefully designed for marketing activities, it is a service that gives an overview of a brand or company to its prospective customers, that helps in building the credibility of a company.

Below listed are the piece of information carried in company profiling:

  • The registered/official name of the company along with complete address, phone number, and the email address.
  • About the Directors/Founders/Other Key Individuals who play vital roles in the organisation.
  • The size of the company and number of employees and their expertise.
  • Mention of places/locations/address of offices from where the business is operational
  • The complete structure of the company
  • All necessary information about the finance and accounts
  • Yearly income, benefits, and significant resources
  • The USP, defining how the company is different from its competitors
  • Investments – money related
  • The accomplishments of the organisation
  • Products and (or) services on offer
  • Processes followed in a company and its objective and statement of their existence
  • Monthly/quarterly/yearly activities performed by the company
  • If the company has a board, carry out details of the individuals or representatives who are serving the board.
  • The short-term and long-term goals of a company

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